Dubrovnik airport history


Dubrovnik Airport was built in its current location just after WW II and has since grown to become the third busiest airport in Croatia.

The airport known under the name of ‘Aerodrom Dubrovnik’ was open for charter aircraft flights on 15th May 1962 and for regular air traffic on 15th July 1962.
After opening the airport terminal in 1962, Dubrovnik kept growing its passenger number from year to year.
Dubrovnik Airport is 4E category airport with Runway length 3300 m and width 45m.
The largest aircraft type is Boeing 747-400.
Today, Dubrovnik Airport is equipped with the ILS and VOR/DME systems which enable taking off and landing under the most complex weather conditions both day and night.

Source: https://www.airport-dubrovnik.hr