Low-cost airlines to Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is the biggest city in southern Croatia which has become even more famous in the past years thanks to the shooting of the TV serial Game of Thrones.

Since then, every year more and more visitors are arriving in Dubrovnik to examine the beauty of the city and to see the shooting locations. Since the TV series is being watched in the whole world, the most comfortable and most quickest way to come to Dubrovnik is by using one of the many airline companies which serve Dubrovnik International Airport, which is located in the village Čilipi, 20 km south-east from the Dubrovnik city center.

At the moment, Dubrovnik is only connected with European destinations by several airline companies.
Since the renovation of the Dubrovnik airport is in progress, where it will be expanded and it will be able to handle more passengers per day, there is a possibility to connect Dubrovnik with other charter flights to destination which are not in Europe (northern Africa, near East, or maybe even some place which is farther).

Until this happens, Dubrovnik will be a place for landing of a lot of “normal” and low-cost airline companies.
As a traveler, you already know that you need to buy your ticket a couple of months before the trip, especially when you’re taking a low cost airline, like Ryanair, GermanWings, EasyJet etc.
With such an early booking you can save up to 500 €, depending on your departure point.
Tickets to Dubrovnik can be bought only for the summer season (for low cost airlines) for only 25 € - it’s all in the timing and waiting for the real opportunity – if you’re enough flexible for waiting.

All the low cost airline companies are improving and their service is getting better, so you’re flight to Dubrovnik will be comfortable, for sure. And the Dubrovnik airport will also make you feel comfortable while waiting for your luggage, waiting for check-in and waiting for your plane.
Since it’s not a big airport, you don’t need to come 2-3 hours earlier to catch your flight, but in the high season (from June till August), it’s recommended to arrive 2 hours earlier due to a high number of travelling passengers.

Cheap flights to Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, the pearl of the Adria is located in southern Croatia, with crystal sea, sunny days, beautiful attractions and landmarks and interesting local people. And the tourists have recognized its potential several decades ago, that’s why the number of visitors keeps increasing from year to year. Most of the tourists arrive on cruisers and with airplanes.

Thanks to low budget airlines and charter flights, the number of passengers in the Dubrovnik Airport is growing for the last several years. The main reason why the number of passengers is increasing lays in the fact that the number of new airlines is also increasing – you can get now to Dubrovnik for under 50 € if you’re lucky and get your ticket on time.

For example, some low cost airlines like Air Berlin, EasyJet, Eurowings, Germanwings, Flybe, Jet2.com, Niki, SunExpress, Vueling etc. are operating during the high season (which includes mostly the period from April till September, but can be changed according to needs). All those low cost airlines will bring you for a small amount of money from any part in Europe (Spain, UK, France, Germany, Austria, Baltic countries…) to the beautiful city of Dubrovnik, where you can enjoy your summer vacation or maybe to make just a weekend break – it’s not too far away from any part of Europe.

Every destination is within a 1-3 hour flight, which makes Dubrovnik very well connected to a large number of European cities and affordable also to those who don’t want to spend lot of money on airplane tickets. You can check the ticket price on the usual ticket search engines, like skyscanner.net, expedia.com etc. Sometimes, it’s cheaper to travel in an arrangement, with a group which will have a charter flight, included sightseeing’s, bed and breakfast and eventually other deals.

Once you’ve landed at the Dubrovnik airport, which is located about 20 km south-east from the city center, you can take a shuttle bus for 40 kunas to get to the city center, you can rent a car to get around thanks to the several car rental agencies, you can take a taxi and the fare will cost you about 250 kunas or you can choose the most slowest, but cheapest option – take the local, public bus. Depending on your choice, you’ll arrive in the city center in about 30 minutes.